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Get the tools you need to create a winning team today and continued success tomorrow.

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Finally … there’s a comprehensive toolkit for how to work effectively with your people to drive your business. The People Part is going to teach you the competencies you need to:

Annie Hyman Pratt is going to show you how to create a winning team that will up-level your business results today and set you up for continued success tomorrow.

  • Become a highly respected, successful leader with a reputation that attracts top talent
  • Create a high-performance work culture that drives long-term, sustainable success
  • Transform the “people part” of your role from difficult and draining to fulfilling and productive 
  • Develop effective leaders and teams who sustainably grow and operate your business
  • Experience the freedom, creativity, and success you’ve always dreamed of


  • You’re just starting out. You will learn how to lay the foundation of your business so that you set it up for success.
  • You have a business that is stalling. You will find team-driven solutions that will kick your business into gear and deliver real results.
  • You’re a leader who feels like you just aren’t good with people. You will finally understand what’s blocking your success and how to become the kind of leader who team members want to go above and beyond for.
  • You’re a member of a team within a business. You will hone your skills to work more effectively and happily with your team—and gain the perspective you’ll need to move toward a leadership role.
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The Business Leader Rapid Reset: 3 Simple Steps to Finally Break the Habit of Doing it all Yourself (Valued at $1,200). Discover why working in the weeds destroys your ability to succeed, and how to get yourself out once and for all.  In this powerful 2-hour workshop, you’ll learn:



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"The productivity of your business, the effectiveness of your algorithms, your business’s ability to grow—it comes back to how well you’re able to get effective teamwork driving results. And Annie Hyman Pratt knows how to build teams that drive results. From having a visionary master plan that creates powerful team alignment, to helping your people reach their highest performance potential, this book can help you become the type of leader who attracts a growth- focused dream team. The people part of business is arguably the most important part . . . and with Annie’s help, you can have an amazing team working together to achieve the results you want.”

— Joe Polish, founder of Genius Network

“The first time I heard Annie speak about leadership and team building was a near-mystical experience for me. I immediately knew that I needed her help to grow the functionality of my team. That was nearly a decade ago, and since then Annie has had a profound positive impact on my business. Now she’s finally put her wisdom and practical approach into a book, and The People Part delivers. It starts with the first principles that most every other leadership book glosses over. This is a nutrient-dense book that will show you how to build a responsive and productive team.”

— Jeff Walker, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Launch

“Annie’s groundbreaking work in the area of team and leadership development helped our business undergo a remarkable transformation from one that Jim Collins would describe as ‘A genius with a thousand helpers’ to one led by a highly collaborative, incredibly cohesive team of senior leaders. Simply put: If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or leader in your company, read this book. It will transform your business—and possibly even change your life—forever.”

— Ryan Levesque, five-time Inc. 5000 CEO of The ASK Method Company and #1 national best-selling author

“ I’ve relied on Annie Hyman Pratt’s guidance every step of the way to build my business. The tools and methodologies captured in this book allowed me to step away from day-to-day operations and focus on high-level strategy, while empowering my team to play at their best and get recognized for it. We are now both a thriving organization and a successful company and we have Annie to thank.”

— Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Bright Line Eating

“Annie’s approach to managing people has transformed our business here at Hay House and my life as the CEO. Let her help you and your business too.”

— Reid Tracy, CEO of Hay House, Inc.


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  • The single most important component to sustainable success (that leaders never learned)
  • How to have it all without having to do it all
  • Proven strategies to effectively communicate tasks so they’re done right the first time
  • The “Power of the Pause”
  • How to access your critical thinking even under serious stress
  • And so much more!

About Annie Hyman Pratt

Annie Hyman Pratt’s mastery is in developing leaders, teams, and infrastructure that drive growth and fully operate the business—so entrepreneurs can do the strategic and creative parts while also having the time, freedom, and impact they desire. She founded the consulting and training company Leading Edge Teams based on her unique, decades-long experience as both a successful C-level executive and a highly sought-after business adviser. Leading Edge Teams provides entrepreneurial companies training and executive coaching in groups and one-on-one, online and in person. They have an unparalleled track record of helping businesses achieve massive, sustainable, team-driven growth.

Annie started her business education around the dinner table, hearing her mother and father talk about their business, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Annie worked behind the bean counter in her teen years and then went to college at nearby UCLA, where she graduated with a degree in Economics/Business. She then worked with one of the prestigious Big 8 accounting firms in Los Angeles, doing business valuations and becoming a certified public accountant. Her solid grasp of accounting and finance was a key advantage throughout her career.

At age 22, Annie took the reins and became the CEO of her family business. A trailblazer for women in business, she more than 10X’d the business to 70-plus stores, and then led the company through a highly successful sale.

After the sale of The Coffee Bean, Annie moved into interim C-suite executive work and top-tier business consulting. She became an expert in guiding companies through rapid growth and complex turnarounds while working within diverse industries. Annie’s experience with so many different types of entrepreneurial businesses is especially rare, giving her a unique understanding of what it takes to succeed and how The People Part plays a greater role than ever.

Whatever challenges you may be facing in your business, Annie has likely already seen them—and solved them.

Annie’s specialty in The People Part was further cultivated through her study at the University of Santa Monica, where she learned what it really takes for human beings to transcend their “quick to judge” and self-protective nature and instead work together to reach their full potential.              

Some of Annie’s current and past clients include high-level entrepreneurs and businesses like:

Jeff Walker (Product Launch Formula), Fatburger, MOCEAN (a creative entertainment company that works with Disney, Sony, Warner Brothers, Netflix, Amazon, and other studios) , Dave Asprey (Bulletproof Coffee), Stu McLaren (North Results), Susan Pierce Thompson (Bright Line Eating), Ryan Levesque (ASK Method) and Reid Tracy (Hay House).

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